Shelter and Rehome

We provide safe housing for animals in need. We give them, love, care, enrichment and socialisation for as long as they need.

Whether they have just arrived, are currently undergoing medical treatment, or are waiting to be adopted, every animal receives optimal care. At our SPCA centres our staff and volunteers work to ensure that every animal is well cared for on their journey to finding a home.

Every animal enjoys many different forms of stimulation while in the care of the SPCA. This includes training, socialisation and enrichment such as having toys to play with, indoor and outdoor time, as well as positive human interaction.

Matching the right home and person with the right animal is essential. A person’s lifestyle, property and experience with animals are all important factors that are considered before an adoption is approved. Our animal team, of staff and volunteers, work hard to ensure every animal finds the best new home for their needs.

Adopting a new family member is a big decision because it is a commitment to care for that animal for the rest of its life. Before adopting we recommend reading through our 'how to adopt' page. Click here to view animals for adoption.

Mezza was a cat that was rescued earlier this year by a Wellington SPCA Inspector. She had been found hiding under someone’s house with a mummified, infected leg.

After treatment from our vet team, which resulted in her leg being removed, Mezza was rehabilitated at our centre and was soon ready for adoption. This friendly, affectionate and very purry cat quickly found a new home with a loving family who renamed her Grace.

Last year at Wellington SPCA ...

15,145 - animals came through our doors4,813

animals sought shelter and care

12,213 - found new homes1,883

animals were provided temporary foster homes

2,745 - were united with their owners


people volunteered their time to help care for animals

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  • Rehabilitate
  • Welfare Response
  • Prevent Cruelty
  • Shelter and Rehome
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