Press Paws - Workplace & University Visits

Puppy kisses, kitten cuddles and bunny nuzzles! Can you imagine a better way to help your workplace or university group take a much needed time out from hectic work schedules?

We can come and visit your group and offer everyone an opportunity to Paws and Relax by spending time with specially selected SPCA animals!

For us, our animals receive great publicity as well as that oh-so-important socialisation. Depending on what is available on the day of your booking, we may bring along puppies, rabbits, guinea pigs or kittens. All animals are vet checked and temperament assessed before visiting. 

We never leave the SPCA without our 'animal kit', which is baby bag for animals. The kit includes everything needed to clean up any accidents, sanitise hands and keep the animals entertained while we are there. A parking space nearby and a separate room with non-carpeted floors is ideal to set up in. 

Our Press Paws and Relax visits last for about 45 minutes, and provide us with an opportunity to fundraise. We ask for a minimum donation of $200 to cover our costs and contribute to our vital work in the community.

If this sounds like something that would work for your workplace or university group please complete the below form:

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Animal care

Learn about caring for your pet as well as legal minimum standards for care.