Foster Parenting

Wellington SPCA is seeking Fosterers who would be willing to open up their homes to some of our vulnerable animals. We supply the materials, you supply the love! Help us socialise and take care of them from the comfort of your own home! We just need you to bring them back for their appointments and when they are ready for adoption. 

Fostering is hugely rewarding, but can also be hard work. Wellington SPCA will provide all the food, bowls, blankets and veterinary care that the animals you foster will need. You provide the love, care and a safe, warm environment. Unfortunately we are very rarely able to give you much warning that your services will be required. We foster out animals because we either have no space for them at the animal centre or we are concerned that if they stay here they will get sick. Once you agree to foster an animal you will need to pick them up within 24 hours.


Every animal that you foster is given a second chance at life – and the more animals you foster, the more lives you help save.
  • Fostering can be a great way to try having an animal in your life before making a lifelong commitment.
  • First-time Foster Parents receive training and our friendly Foster Team are just a phone call away.
  • We supply all food, bedding, litter trays and everything else to help the animal have a comfortable stay in your home.
  • Our on-site vet team provides any medical care that is required during the time the animal is in your care.


  • Bottle feeding kittens or puppies.
  • Caring for a mother with a litter of kittens or puppies.
  • Caring for orphaned kittens or puppies who are able to feed themselves, but are not yet old enough to be desexed and adopted out.
  • Medical rehabilitation of sick or injured animals that are under the care of Wellington SPCA’s vets, but need the nurturing environment of a home.
  • Taking on a teenage dog for 1-6 months that needs training and to know what a home is.
  • Caring for animals with diseases contagious to other animals (e.g. ringworm or calici virus) who can’t be housed at the centre.


  • To be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Written consent from your landlord if you don’t own your home.
  • A separate room to contain the animals in. This should not be a bedroom that is also used by a family member or part of your lounge. We will come and do a property inspection on your home and can give you advice on how to set up your fostering room.
  • Transport available 24 hours per day to bring your animals for routine veterinary checks at Wellington SPCA’s Newtown Centre, or should your foster animal need emergency veterinary treatment at the After Hours Vet Clinic in the middle of the night.
  • To bring the animals when requested to Wellington SPCA’s Veterinary Clinic for regular check-ups, vaccinations, desexing and for adoptions etc.
  • To abide by Wellington SPCA’s fostering rules, including not letting foster cats or kittens outside.
  • Time – depending on whether you work full-time, part-time, or you don’t work at all, there are fostering options that are suitable for you. People working-full time can look after a mother cat with a litter of kittens or, in some cases, an animal that needs medical rehabilitation. Bottle feeding means that the kittens or puppies may need to be fed every 2 hours throughout the day and night, so this situation is best suited to people who either work from home or are not working. People who work part-time can care for adult dogs that need training or older litters of puppies or kittens. 

If you can help by taking in a furry house guest for a while, please apply now! Alternatively, please contact our friendly Foster Team on (04) 389 8044 extension 854 or visit our Newtown Centre at 140 Alexandra Road, Newtown.


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