Animal Welfare

Wellington SPCA actively campaigns on a range of animal welfare issues every year. Areas of recent focus have been seeking a ban on rodeos and encouraging responsible pet ownership through desexing and microchipping. Read more about some of our current campaigns below.

Click on the boxes below to what Wellington SPCA is doing to address animal welfare concerns.


Thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies are brought into Wellington SPCA every year.



Every day animals go missing and many are never reunited with their owners. Microchipping your pet can change that.


Humane Farming

The SPCA is working to encourage humane farming practices and higher welfare standards for farmed animals.


Animal Welfare Act Review

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 is under review and changes are needed to improve the lives of animals in New Zealand.


Animals in Emergencies

Recent natural disasters have shown that we all need a plan for our pets in an emergency situation.


Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance provides another level of protection for your valued family pet.