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Animal ID: 101188

6 September 2015
Older children who won't harass me
I'd love to be around hens
Proud rooster, personality disproportionate to size

My story

I was found on a property being attacked by the householder' cats. The kind person rescued me but couldn't find my owner, so I was brought to the SPCA.

What's special about me

I am a huge rooster in a small chicken's body. I have lots of personality, strutting around my yard and investigating everything. If you ever forget about me I'll be sure to remind you that I'm here, at considerable volume and regularly.

I'm not a fan of people trying to pick me up, and I can run fast, however once I am held I become quite docile. I would love to have hens around, being a sparky young rooster, but would do fine on my own.

I can't be adopted to residential areas so I do need a property with lots of space around.

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