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Dusty and Penelope (Newtown)

Animal ID: 109270 and 108560

2016 (Dusty) and 2015 (Penelope)
Rabbit Mix
Male and Female
Small (Dusty) and Medium / Large (Penelope)
Yes, if they are gentle
We are looking for a home together
Inquisitive and friendly

My story

Dusty - I was originally surrendered to the Christchurch SPCA. I have since come all the way up to Newtown to find a home.

Penelope - I was found running stray in Lower Hutt by a kind person who handed me in to a vet. I'm now in the Newtown Centre looking for a home.

What's special about me

We are proof that bunnies from the North and South Islands can be great friends. We love hanging out together and enjoying the sun. Hopping around and exploring is what we like to do, especially if we can find grass and veges to eat.

We are easy to pat and enjoy it when people spend time with us. Though we aren't entirely sold on being picked up we are quite easy to move around.

If you can give us a loving home we would love to meet you! We are looking for somewhere with lots of space to hop around and a spacious weather-proof hutch, or even better a place inside for at night.

If you are interested please come and meet us, and bring along some photos of your set up too.

How to adopt

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