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Beatrix, Binky, and Bubble

Animal ID: 102753, 103937, 103938

February 2017 (Mum), October 2017 (Daughters)
Abyssinian Mix
Large mum, growing kids!
If they are mature and gentle
We need to either go together or with another guinea pig(s)
Active and personable guinea pig family

My story

We were not being cared for so were surrendered to the SPCA along with other guinea pigs. We hope we can find a loving home.

What's special about me

Hi! We are Beatrix, Binky, and Bubble. Beatrix is mum and Binky and Bubble are daughters. Aside from being super cute we are full of energy and excitement. Us daughters love squeaking and running around our pen finding yummy greens to eat, tunnels to scurry through, and hay to burrow under. Mum is a bit more mature and knows what's good in life: food, sun, and sleeping.

Being guinea pigs we do much better in groups, so we won't be able to be single pets, however we are open to different options. Either we could be adopted all together (yay!) or any one of us could go live with another guinea pig(s). None of us are desexed, however, so it would either have to be a neutered male or a female.

If you think you could give us a great home then please come meet us. If you could bring photos of your set up that would be ideal - the SPCA wants us to be super happy in our new home!

How to adopt

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