Our Team

The team at Wellington SPCA is passionate about animals and their welfare. 

Our staff at both the Newtown and Waikanae Centres come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experience with animals. Our vet teams, hospital staff and animal specialists work to rehabilitate and rehome the animals that come into the SPCA. Our Inspectors rescue animals in distress, educate the public, and enforce the Animal Welfare Act 1999 where needed. 

Our fundraising, administration and operational staff work with the public, suppliers and sponsors to raise desperately needed funds. Also our Op shop managers each work with dedicated volunteers to raise further funds for the animals.

Volunteers are a crucial part of Wellington SPCA. Over 950 volunteers have donated over 176,000 hours of their time to help Wellington's animals in need. Without them we couldn’t do what we do.

Below is some information about key staff within Wellington SPCA.

Ros Alsford

Corporate Services

Ritchie Dawson

Chief Inspector

Kirsty Grant

Manager – People Capability and Safety

Adele Hawkswell

Veterinary Practice Manager

Nicholas Taylor

Animal Liaison & Community Engagement Manager

SPCA Guardian

Become an SPCA Guardian and help take action for Wellington's animals in need.

Animal care

Learn about caring for your pet as well as legal minimum standards for care.