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21 Sep 2017
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This is an exciting time for the SPCA in New Zealand, with delegates having voted at the RNZSPCA AGM in June to form one national organisation from the current 45 independent centres.

With your help and support, and by working together as one SPCA, we’ll be able to do more for our country’s most vulnerable animals.

What are the benefits of one national SPCA?

  • From our furthest north centre to those in the deep south, we will share our resources to make sure that every vulnerable animal will get the best care the SPCA can provide - no matter where they are in the country
  • We will have one strategy and one voice
  • We can do more to prevent cruelty to animals in New Zealand through advocacy and education
  • We will be able to develop a stronger SPCA Inspectorate
  • As one organisation we’ll be able to access centralised funding opportunities and benefit from economies of scale  - enabling us to have the resources to do more for the animals.

The RNZSPCA AGM vote was the first step in the process of creating One SPCA. Following this, the Wellington SPCA Board confirmed our intention to join the One SPCA entity, and on 11 September at a Wellington SPCA EGM, the historic decision was made by our members for Wellington SPCA to transfer into the RNZSPCA, midnight 31 October 2017, as part of One SPCA and for its legal entity to be dissolved.

The SPCA’s vision remains to have a New Zealand community where all animals are treated with compassion and respect and this sits alongside our core purpose of creating a better life for New Zealand’s animals.

Your generosity makes such a difference to the lives of countless animals and we are very grateful for your ongoing support.

Steve Glassey
Chief Executive Officer
Wellington SPCA


22 August 2017


Click here to view the notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 11 September 2017.

Please note this is a members only meeting.

If you have any questions, would like to become a member or check your membership status please feel free to contact the Fundraising Team on 04 389 7387.


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