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Join us for a fabulous evening of mystery and culinary delight, all to help animals in need in our community. Featuring Top Wellington Restaurants, Celebrity Guests, Charity Auction and more!

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This is a story of two brave mamas and their extraordinary love and dedication. Willow and Angel did everything they could to protect their families.

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snip’n’chip in the Wairarapa

We are offering heavily discounted desexing and microchipping for your favourite feline!

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Home Ever After

We understand that pets are part of your family, and just as with your loved ones, provisions should be made for them should you pass away before they do. This is a free service that gives you peace of mind and helps safeguard your pet’s future.

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Birthday Parties at Wellington SPCA!

Host your special celebration with us at our Newtown Centre! We do birthdays for both the young ...and young at heart!

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Life-saving Veterinary Care

We provide life-saving medical care to sick, injured and abandoned animals in need. Last year we performed over 5,000 operations, saving lives and easing the pain of animals in need.

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Support Wellington SPCA and purchase your Entertainment book or digital membership online.

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Prevent & Report Cruelty

Mezza was horribly injured when SPCA Inspector Margarette found her. She was frightened, hungry and in desperate need of medical attention. You can help rescue animals like Mezza.

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The Difference You’ve Made

4,813 animals came through our doors

The Difference You’ve Made

Over 37,000 people participated in one of our education programmes

The Difference You’ve Made

 Over 2,500 desexing operations performed

The Difference You’ve Made

 Over 4,500 animal rescue calls outs

The Difference You’ve Made

2,750 emergencies attended

The Difference You’ve Made

1,078 animal welfare complaints investigated

The Difference You’ve Made

4,750 animals received a clinical examination

The Difference You’ve Made

2,750 required vaccinations against disease

The Difference You’ve Made

4,813 animals sought shelter and care

The Difference You’ve Made

1,833 animals were provided temporary foster homes

The Difference You’ve Made

977 people volunteered their time to help care for animals

The Difference You’ve Made

261 properties were inspected for canine adoptions and animal foster homes

The Difference You’ve Made

78 animals were removed from their owners due to inadequate care

Wellington SPCA’s Veterinary Clinic is a fully equipped veterinary practice offering high-level veterinary care for companion animals in the Wellington region. That means that whether your pet was adopted from the SPCA or not, your pets are welcome here.